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Car rental with driver and airport transfer

Car rental with driver

Not everyone has a driving license and not everyone has the time and energy required to travel through the crowded traffic of an unknown city. Fortunately, this does not mean you have to forget about the comfort of car transport, because there are solutions. Whether you are on a business trip and do not know Timisoara, or you need a means of transport for people from Timisoara or larger groups, the company 365 Rent a Car Timisoara has designed the rent a car service with driver in Timisoara especially for you.

In case the term is unclear, we will detail in the following. The rent a car service with driver Timisoara means renting cars from Timisoara together with renting a personal driver, also from Timisoara, in order to enjoy a safe and comfortable trip.

When can you opt for a driver transport option in Timisoara? Well, the contexts in which it is recommended to call a rent-a-car service with a driver vary from school trips to limousine rentals with a driver for a particular event, and 365 Rent a Car Timisoara has solutions for each of them.

The car rental service in these conditions is made in Timisoara, but it can be used both for the local transport with driver, as well as outside Timisoara.

The great advantage of car rental services with driver Timisoara is that you get rid of any transport worries and you can enjoy the journey.

Private transfers and shared transfers

Transport from Arad, Timisoara to Budapest / Belgrade / Vienna Airport and return

Transport and transfer to Budapest and Belgrade airports

Because many times the flight solutions from / to your home city are at high rates we offer transfer to / from the airport from Timisoara, Arad, Resita, which allows you to buy cheaper tickets from Budapest airports, Belgrade or Vienna.


  • Transport TimisoaraBudapest Airport or return: 35 euro or 150 lei / pers
  • Transport AradBudapest Airport or return: 30 euro or 130 lei / pers
  • Transport TimisoaraBelgrade Airport or return: 50 euro or 225 lei/ pers (for 2 people on the same reservation 35 euro / pers)
  • Transport TimisoaraVienna Airport or return: 180 euro / car (4 people)
  • Transport TimisoaraArad or return: 130 lei / car
  • Transport ResitaBudapest Airport or return: 60 euro or 250 lei / person (minimum 2 people)
  • Private transport (exclusive) TimisoaraBudapest or return: 120 euro / car

Private Transport Timisoara airport – center, hotel, city / private car electric up to 3 people, business up to 3 people or Mercedes V-class up to 5 people or Mercedes Vito / Ford Custom up to 8 people.

Discounts are available for more than 3 people or individual transfers can be made to other airports or departures from other cities.

Loyal customers benefit from discounts (365rent.ro loyalty card holders). Customers are picked up from the address and are left at the address in case of return from Budapest.

  • children between 2 and 14 years: 50% discount;
  • children under 2 years: free.

ATTENTION: discounts for children can not be cumulated!
(if for example you book for 2 or more children, the biggest discount is given for one)

For more information please contact us by phone 0040739751444 or by e-mail contact@365rent.ro

Shared Transfer Reservation

No shared transfer available. For reservations and other details please contact us!
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