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Car rental -  BMW i3

[Total: 8   Average: 4.8/5]
Car Information
Class: Economy
Doors: 4
Minimal driver age: 21
Gearbox: Automatic
Max passengers: 4
Max luggage: 2
Fuel: Electric
Mileage: Unlimited
Price from: 55 EUR / day
Additional information
Electric Windows
Audio System

Rent BMW i3

* After placing a reservation online we will contact you to confirm the availability of the car reserved for rent

BMW i3 – Inspired by the future, created for the present

Get behind the wheel and discover the future: the BMW i3 has innovative technologies that it uses to make your day-to-day life easier. It connects you to the outside world, keeps you up to date with everything that happens, helps you with the organization and, above all, takes you wherever you need to go. It is always ready for the road and for exploration, has style, innovative design and gives you electrifying pleasure to drive.

The BMW i3 is equipped with everything you need to overcome the challenges of modern mobility – and it does it quietly (the engine is silent). Its high voltage battery can be charged from a public station to up to 80% of its capacity in about 45 minutes. In addition, with intelligent energy management, the car is very efficient in both urban traffic and longer journeys.

BMW i3, available for rent at Timisoara airport, is an optimal mobility solution in the urban environment with zero polluting emissions. The car benefits from eDrive technology, rear axle traction and carbon fiber body.

Rent BMW i3 24/7 online or make a reservation by phone. 365rent – rental car Timisoara is at your disposal. BMW i3 can be booked at both the Timisoara airport and in the city at the desired address.

BMW i3 benefit from 24/7 roadside assistance, unlimited mileage, RCA and CASCO insurance, vignette and comply with the legislation on seasonal tires and all the quality and safety standards.

[Total: 8   Average: 4.8/5]
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