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Operational leasing

Long term car rental in Timisoara or Operational Leasing

Car Rental Operational Leasing

Typically, car rental services are not very flexible in terms of the length of time a customer has a car. But 365Rent a Car Timisoara offers you the possibility to rent a car in the long term, from Timisoara, whether it is a rental car service for a regular capacity car or minibus rent a car (8 + 1 seats).

Long term car rental service offered by 365Rent a Car Timisoara is a cheap and efficient car rental solution, compared to the other transport solutions on the Timisoara market. It is perfect for tourists who come for a longer period in Timisoara or timisoreans who have to go on trips for several days.

Therefore, you can use this service whether you need a means of transport for trips organized by schools and universities in Timisoara or if you are looking for a car rental service in Timisoara for transporting employees from multinational companies or from consulates / ministries / embassies in Timisoara.

The cars we offer for long term rental in Timisoara are new cars that will ensure the comfort and safety of your trips. In addition, we do not impose any mileage limit, so that trips made with a car for long-term rental from 365Rent a Car Timisoara will be free from any constraints.

Car rental is done at our headquarters in Timisoara.

All about operational leasing

What is operational leasing?

Definition: Operational leasing is the transfer of the right to use a fleet to a company subject to the payment of a fixed monthly installment covering all the operating costs of a car and other additional services (Insurance, Interest, Taxes, Taxes, Maintenance, Repair and Administrative Costs ). All risks are taken over by the operational leasing company.

How does operating leasing work?

The fleet is partially or totally outsourced through a rental or fleet management contract for a period of 12 to 57 months.

The sole responsibility of the customer is to pay a fixed monthly rate, which represents the TCO* of the car (no more cost).

To whom does the operating lease refer?

The product is aimed at companies interested in making the fleet more efficient. The target fleet has between 1 and 200 vehicles, passenger or commercial.

Benefits of operational leasing

All costs are included:

Car Value / Car Depreciation

The cars for operational leasing are purchased in accordance with customer preferences and wishes, and all monthly finance costs include capital costs (capital costs, car depreciation, interest, lease and administrative charges).

Casco and RCA insurance

RCA and Casco insurance policies are issued and renewed throughout the lease period by the operational leasing firm.

In case of damage, the client benefits from:

  • 24/7 support for opening and administering the claim file, servicing the machine and repairing it;
  • full service;
  • mobility throughout the immobilisation of the car in service.

Taxes and fees

The monthly rate includes: plane, periodical technical inspection, annual tax, pollution tax, registration and de-registration fees.

Maintenance and tires

All revisions and periodic preventive checks are carried out in authorized service, according to the technical specifications; Vehicle tires are changed according to the number of kilometers and wear permitted by the manufacturer. Tire fitting and storage services are also included.

Repairs, replacements, door to door services

Repairs are provided in authorized service, and a replacement car can be provided during the vehicle’s immobilisation. Customers can also benefit from the Door to Door service, which involves the carriage of a car by a person authorized by the customer to service: ITP, changing tires, repairing in case of damage.

Interests and other administrative charges

Specific personnel, IT systems and overhead costs are also included in the rate.


It ensures the monitoring of the number of kilometers and the degree of wear of the vehicle to ensure optimal functionality throughout the contract period.

Furthermore, you get:

Financial / tax benefits

Monthly rent is a fully deductible expense;

It increases the company’s financing capacity, and vehicles are no longer registered in the company’s patrimony;

The TCO of the fleet is significantly reduced.

Reduced risks

All financial risks are taken over by the leasing company;

The monthly rate is unique and fixed throughout the duration of the contract, so:

  • the cash-flow becomes simpler and more predictable;
  • the risks of fiscal and legislative changes are eliminated.


Contracts are adjustable, we can change at any time: fleet size, rental period and mileage;

The customer can return the cars at any time in advance.

Comfort and safety

The monthly rate includes all the financial costs and a complete package of services;

Revisions and repairs are carried out correctly and in time, according to the manufacturer’s regulations.

* See how they represent from the total cost operation of the car (TCO)
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