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Car Rental FAQ

General Questions

You’ll find in this section frequently asked question about car rental at 365Rent Timisoara.
For futher information and car booking , feel free to Contact us.

Are the vehicles insured?

Yes, all our vehicles have mandatory Civil and CASCO insurances.

What are the methods of payment for the car rental services?

You can pay with credit card, payment link or by bank transfer.

How do I rent a car?

You can rent a car by simply clicking on the Home link or by calling +4(0) 739 751 444. If you choose to reserve a car online, we will contact you to confirm your reservation.

Can I change the car after the reservation?

Yes. If you would like to change or cancel your reservation of a car after approving it, please call +4(0) 739 751 444 or reach us by contacts provided in the Contacts page.

Where can I take the car from and where should I return it?

You can take the car from one of our locations in Timisoara. If you have reserved a car for more than two days, we can deliver the car to the location of your choice. The car has to be returned to an agreed location in Timisoara.

What should I do, if the car breaks down?

If your car breaks down, please call us immediately at +4(0) 739 751 444.

Do you deliver cars outside Timisoara?

Yes, we will deliver you the car to the location of your choice for an additional price.

When can I contact you?

You can call us 24/7 by phone at +4(0) 739 751 444.

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